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Dongguan Moson technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Moson technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. The factory covers an area of 6000 square meters. It is located in the center of the ecological industry in Dongguan, which is known as the world factory, and is located in Qishi Township, Eastern Ecological Industrial Park. The factory covers an area of 3,500 square meters. It mainly develops, produces and sells hotel and home lighting lighting, power cords, lighting accessories, etc. Lighting products include but not limited to cloth floor lamps, cloth table lamps, aluminum head chandeliers, iron chandeliers, wood leather lampshades, aluminum fishing fishing Floor lamps, braided cord chandeliers, etc.; the product types of lighting accessories include but are not limited to Teflon cords, braided power cords, braided sleeves, copper mesh braided money, power plug cords, lampshades and other major products. , Operating various lighting accessories, VDE/UL/SAA power cords, lighting electrical wiring, electronic cords, plug/switch cords, braided cords.